Art for art’s sake (and songs) #Funaday 2016

Another January, another #FunADay – with fresh colours each day (whether I felt like it or not!) – and new song lyrics to go with them.

Sometimes the lyrics are inspired by the paint, sometimes not – either way, it’s been a positive experience once again, to create new things at the start of a new year.

And this will be visible for a short time over the weekend in Dundee at the 2016 exhibition at WASPS – alongside a host of other interesting art created last month by a variety of people in the area.

Plus: this Friday night, after the exhibition launch, I’m playing a small gig at Cerberus bar – singing my songs & hopefully some of the new lyrics too – art in actionūüôā

If you’re around Dundee, it would be great to see you at both these events.  At some point, demos of the songs may also appear, we’ll see how it goes…


#FunADay 2016 – the first fifteen – painting and songwriting

What a load of fun it’s been this year, painting a wee square of colour – and coming up with a line of song to go with it…

Each day’s painting is part of a¬†whole canvas – and at this stage half of that canvas is full, see below. ¬†There’s also a lot of words to go with the pictures, check out instagram or twitter for more.

Sometime in February this artwork will be shown as part of a #FunADay Dundee exhibition Рmore details to come.  Meantime, enjoy the colours!

#FunADay – the first fifteen!

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Happy New Year 2016

Let me squeeze in a quick wee post before 2015 is done, round up a few things from this year and share some upcoming stuff too…
This was the year I released Day Job – a blues album with help from some friends – then I quit my day job to study music therapyūüôā

There have been fewer gigs this year, though some of the best yet, like playing to a packed hall at Letham Nights!

And I’ve been writing new songs along the way, just about enough for another album, you’ll hear more soon, like the recent Sidecar.

In January I’ll also have #FunADay for the third year running – expect daily painting and songwriting – my canvas is readyūüôā


So, happy new year when it comes, and maybe I’ll post a bit more on the blog for 2016 (maybe not).

Day Job CD

Don’t give up the *Day Job* – Album out now

So, Day Job is finally out!  Tattie Records TATTCD05.  12 tracks of roots and blues with an east-coast-Scotland twist.

If you pre-ordered, you already have a copy in your hands like this:

Day Job CD

though it’ll have a wee number written on the CD + case, since there’s only 50 of these CDs & handmade cases, each numbered – and 20 gone, so that leaves 30 now… easy maths!

Thanks once more to The Banter, a small band of guest musicians who feature on tracks this time Рyou can see their details on the CD liner notes or Bandcamp page.  And this is the only place to get 4 bonus tracks in addition to the 12 album tracks, more info below.

Some folks have kindly played tracks on their radio shows, for example:

  • Kathryn Tickell on Amazing Radio
  • Craig Gornall¬†on Shore Radio
  • 1320radio – including a lovely review (“High Girders throws down a glove to anyone who says that the blues are pass√©; in fact it‚Äôs a thumping tune in the vein of its earliest incarnations that suddenly sounds terribly novel….”)
  • Jim Gellatly on Amazing Radio
  • Andy Gee on The Sound on Radio North Angus – earlier today we recorded an album special, airing next Saturday and featuring several tracks from Day Job, plus 2 live renditions on accordion!


Whichever way¬†you consume music these days, you can get Day Job that way… bandcamp, itunes, spotify, google play – and the full album to stream on youtube – just because I can!ūüôā

Enjoy the music, share around your music-loving pals, and see you soon



bandcamp google play itunes spotify


Happy Fun Year!

Joining the FunADay Dundee again this year : watch this spaceūüôā

Fun A Day Dundee

It‚Äôs Hogmanay!¬†It is the eve of the New Year. Tonight the clock will strike 12 and bring with it a fresh new time zone that none of us have experienced before. It will be 2015.¬†We think 2015 should be a ‚ÄėHappy Fun Year‚Äô and so we plan to start it off with a¬†#FunADay¬†challenge this January!

There’s still a little bit of time to decide how you can add some creative fun to add to your year, just remember to strike a toast at midnight and when the 1st of January comes you just need to get started with your #FunADay project.

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Cash and music . . . ?

__Inspired by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and his revealing summary of their tour cash-flow, I’ve been thinking back to my last tour and planning a new one – and it’s¬†about time this blog saw some actionūüėČ

They played¬†24 packed shows in front of thousands of people across the USA, employed musicians & crew,¬†sold¬†$100,000 of tickets, and had loads of¬†fun! ¬†(They say they lost over $11,000 in the process, but it’s OK because they are making it back via¬†YouTube plays, Patreon & iTunes sales.)

And “making it” was Jack’s point: they continue to work hard on music, movies and more. ¬†It’s an ongoing thing, in this¬†“a new paradigm for professional artistry…”

For fun, here’s my figures for my wee¬†6-date album launch tour for Simple Life¬†(Oct 2013) and how they compare¬†with Pomplamoose (in brackets) – I’m a low-key solo musician based in the east of Scotland, UK, so it’s quite a contrast!

Rentals: £0 ($26,450)
Food/accomodation: £60 ($17,589)
Travel: £96 ($11,816)
Merch/marketing: £443 РCDs, T-shirts, posters, ads ($21,945)
Insurance/Salaries/Commissions: £0/£0/£0 ($5,445/$48,094/$16,463)

Tickets, fees, cash in a jar: £317 Рmy income per venue rose the further north I went! ($97,519)
Merch: £380 РCDs, T-shirts ($29,714)
Sponsorship: £0 ($8,750)

Bottom line: £599 vs £697 : £98 profit ($147,802 vs $135,983 : $11,819 loss)

So, I didn’t employ a band, or have to stay away from home since my tour was so small (only visiting Scotland’s cities) – though I’m happy the tour covered itself, and a year on there’s only 4 CDs left, and we’re half-way through recording the new album Day Job!

Next time I hope to have a bit of a band for a gig or two, and play a few more places, who knows . . . watch this spaceūüôā

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