Piece by piece

Here’s a brainwave I had while out for a run tonight (along with listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) :

  • My debut album of 10 songs will be ready for release this summer
  • Some of the songs are nearly ready now, I’m itching to get them out
  • In fact, the first couple are fine, let’s get them out now…
  • How about releasing them piece by piece for download…?  Then together on physical CD when they’re all done?
  • Back when I used to buy singles & albums, I got annoyed that you effectively paid twice for the same songs… so:
  • For each download you buy, you get the equivalent cash reduction from the physical album?


Cage for the Clouds, 10-track CD album will be released Summer 2011 – it will cost six pounds (£6)

Meantime, five separate 2-track downloads will be available along the way as songs are ready… they’ll cost a pound (£1) for 2-tracks… bargain… then when the CD is out you’ll get a pound off for each download you already bought…  and if you bought all five, hey you can actually get the CD for free*!!

So begins the maiden voyage of Tattie Records, wish us luck!!  🙂

OH, and I’ll be playing some solo shows live soon too: watch this space…

Spread the word…

(* plus postage & packing if required)


2 thoughts on “Piece by piece

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