Eleventh gig, best yet…

So, Sunday night at Tonic Dundee was my eleventh solo appearance, and possibly the best yet!   Not since my lowly debut at the Underground 17 months previously have I strung together 10 songs on-stage.  (Full gig history here)

And all this while recovering from a 10km run (fancy sponsoring?) and an inflamed throat…  aw well, it helped lend a husky sound to the bar-room drawl…

The bar was pretty well full – and they seemed to enjoy the music…  it takes guts to sing your songs in a room full of drinkers, but there was plenty of smiles and applause, so I’m happy.  I heard the comment from a punter that it’s nice to hear a piano for a change.

After my set I sold a couple of CDs and got talking to some guys in the audience who enjoyed the music… may have a useful contact and some developments there: watch this space…

Finlay and Nicky both appeared on the bill too: playing acoustic guitar and singing a range of familiar songs.  Keith + James were up later, and I had a chin-wag, though I couldn’t stay long enough to hear them – though going on previous performances they would have done a good job of pleasing the crowd.

Hoped to have some video footage of the evening, but none due to technical difficulties: you’ll just have to get out and see me live!!

Speaking of which, there should be one or two more gigs coming soon: see you there.



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