Simple Life (New Song)

just written Jan 2012… first draft, pleased with this one…

Once upon a time I had a simple life
A fishing boat, a dog and a wife
A son and daughter, we lived by the water
We had no worries in our simple life.

When the weather was right I would pack my net
Kiss farewell to my Juliet
Down to the shore, off once more
Out on the waves, see what I get.

O’er the waves
O’er the sea
O’er the waves
Oh, a simple life for me
Oh, a simple life

Then one morning a man came by
Simled as he passed and caught my eye
We sat together, enjoyed the weather
Talking about work and the simple life

He said, “Maybe I could share some tricks I know,
Help your fishing business grow:
Buy more boats, hire more men
Catch more fish, make more profit
Be your own boss: kick back and enjoy life more…”

I thanked the man and took his card
Wished him well, said, “Don’t work too hard”
Back to my net, and Juliet
My children, dog and simple life.

My son said, “Dad, what’s making you smile?
That busy man sure talked for a while.
Did he offer money, or say something funny?”
“You’re right both times son”, I said and laughed

“He made me an ‘offer I couldn’t refuse’
But I did, and told how it was in my shoes.”
He had to go, but I’ll let him know
If I ever tire of the simple life”.

E Muirhead (C) 2012

Inspired by the story about the fisherman


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