Don’t give up the *Day Job* – Album out now

So, Day Job is finally out!  Tattie Records TATTCD05.  12 tracks of roots and blues with an east-coast-Scotland twist.

If you pre-ordered, you already have a copy in your hands like this:

Day Job CD

though it’ll have a wee number written on the CD + case, since there’s only 50 of these CDs & handmade cases, each numbered – and 20 gone, so that leaves 30 now… easy maths!

Thanks once more to The Banter, a small band of guest musicians who feature on tracks this time – you can see their details on the CD liner notes or Bandcamp page.  And this is the only place to get 4 bonus tracks in addition to the 12 album tracks, more info below.

Some folks have kindly played tracks on their radio shows, for example:

  • Kathryn Tickell on Amazing Radio
  • Craig Gornall on Shore Radio
  • 1320radio – including a lovely review (“High Girders throws down a glove to anyone who says that the blues are passé; in fact it’s a thumping tune in the vein of its earliest incarnations that suddenly sounds terribly novel….”)
  • Jim Gellatly on Amazing Radio
  • Andy Gee on The Sound on Radio North Angus – earlier today we recorded an album special, airing next Saturday and featuring several tracks from Day Job, plus 2 live renditions on accordion!


Whichever way you consume music these days, you can get Day Job that way… bandcamp, itunes, spotify, google play – and the full album to stream on youtube – just because I can! 🙂

Enjoy the music, share around your music-loving pals, and see you soon



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Cash and music . . . ?

__Inspired by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and his revealing summary of their tour cash-flow, I’ve been thinking back to my last tour and planning a new one – and it’s about time this blog saw some action 😉

They played 24 packed shows in front of thousands of people across the USA, employed musicians & crew, sold $100,000 of tickets, and had loads of fun!  (They say they lost over $11,000 in the process, but it’s OK because they are making it back via YouTube plays, Patreon & iTunes sales.)

And “making it” was Jack’s point: they continue to work hard on music, movies and more.  It’s an ongoing thing, in this “a new paradigm for professional artistry…”

For fun, here’s my figures for my wee 6-date album launch tour for Simple Life (Oct 2013) and how they compare with Pomplamoose (in brackets) – I’m a low-key solo musician based in the east of Scotland, UK, so it’s quite a contrast!

Rentals: £0 ($26,450)
Food/accomodation: £60 ($17,589)
Travel: £96 ($11,816)
Merch/marketing: £443 – CDs, T-shirts, posters, ads ($21,945)
Insurance/Salaries/Commissions: £0/£0/£0 ($5,445/$48,094/$16,463)

Tickets, fees, cash in a jar: £317 – my income per venue rose the further north I went! ($97,519)
Merch: £380 – CDs, T-shirts ($29,714)
Sponsorship: £0 ($8,750)

Bottom line: £599 vs £697 : £98 profit ($147,802 vs $135,983 : $11,819 loss)

So, I didn’t employ a band, or have to stay away from home since my tour was so small (only visiting Scotland’s cities) – though I’m happy the tour covered itself, and a year on there’s only 4 CDs left, and we’re half-way through recording the new album Day Job!

Next time I hope to have a bit of a band for a gig or two, and play a few more places, who knows . . . watch this space 🙂

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Like Like Unlike: Released

Early in 2011 I was persuaded back onto Facebook, after leaving in annoyance the previous year… it seemed everyone was on there already, sharing news, pictures, etc, etc, but I’ve never been that cosy with the whole Facebook society, compared to the ‘good old days’. So, I wrote this song: Like Like Unlike…(here’s the original post with the lyrics)

In the summer I launched my album Cage for the Clouds, and played Like Like Unlike live for the first time, the raw recording made its way online and got big love from loads of folks including many friends and a couple of DJs.

So, seeing as I didn’t plan another album for a year or so, I thought I’d record and release the song – and throw in a Christmas carol since it’s nearly December already!!

And... I'd always wanted to put out some 'unplugged' versions of my songs, so I sat down with a Fender Rhodes and recorded them all straight-off, no overdubs. There's 7 tracks, including a couple of new songs not available anywhere else.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s an exclusive early preview of ‘Two Kinds of Blue’ – an early demo from a 10-track blues/funk album, coming summer 2012.

The full 11-track package is available for a nominal fee, or you can download a couple of the tracks for ‘pay-what-you-want’.

Track Listing:
Like Like Unlike
Midnight Clear
Unplugged tracks (Voice/Fender Rhodes):
Cage for the Clouds
Cold Stares
Like Like Unlike
You see her
Sing them anyway
She’s gone
Like Like Unlike (Live debut)
Two Kinds of Blue (Demo)

Recording, Gigging, Smiling


Just added another hour of recording to the current project: glockenspiel, tambourine, tin whistles and backing vocals for Like Like Unlike – plus my friend Kris is adding some electric guitar – can’t wait to hear the results…



Sunday night played longest set yet, 100% originals, great fun… a couple more gigs lined up – come along and get stamps to win prizes – info + clips below.



Got a bunch of different ideas on the go: who knows which will see the light of day…  at least the hand-made CD cases are starting to see some action: sold one already… buy em at gigs, or online

History repeats the rhyme…

This post from Seth Godin states ‘History doesn’t always repeat itself …but it usually rhymes’ – reminded me of lyrics in Paradise:

Everything melts into time,
As history repeats the rhyme.

Paradise (listen + read more here)

Digging deeper it seems to be an old quote, seemingly mis-attributed to Mark Twain.  Either way, it’s interesting – when I wrote the song back in the 90s I’d never heard of the quote, just liked the sound of time + rhyme 🙂

Album is ‘officially’ out now!

Glad to say my debut album is officially out now, after hard work recording, mixing and more over a period of several months since having the bright idea for the record label and album back in December 2010

The CDs are selling well so far – direct from the Tattie Records website and from record stores:

Groucho’s, Nethergate, Dundee
Love Music Glasgow, beside Queen St station, Glasgow

And I’ve been getting airplay: here’s Andy G playing ‘Paradise’ last weekend:

PLUS: digital downloads & streaming are available:

Bandcamp / iTunes / Spotify / Napster