#FunADay 2016 – the first fifteen – painting and songwriting

What a load of fun it’s been this year, painting a wee square of colour – and coming up with a line of song to go with it…

Each day’s painting is part of a whole canvas – and at this stage half of that canvas is full, see below.  There’s also a lot of words to go with the pictures, check out instagram or twitter for more.

Sometime in February this artwork will be shown as part of a #FunADay Dundee exhibition – more details to come.  Meantime, enjoy the colours!


Happy New Year 2016

Let me squeeze in a quick wee post before 2015 is done, round up a few things from this year and share some upcoming stuff too…
This was the year I released Day Job – a blues album with help from some friends – then I quit my day job to study music therapy 🙂

There have been fewer gigs this year, though some of the best yet, like playing to a packed hall at Letham Nights!

And I’ve been writing new songs along the way, just about enough for another album, you’ll hear more soon, like the recent Sidecar.

In January I’ll also have #FunADay for the third year running – expect daily painting and songwriting – my canvas is ready 🙂


So, happy new year when it comes, and maybe I’ll post a bit more on the blog for 2016 (maybe not).

Two Thousand and Thirteen . . .

The year is almost done, the future has begun,

Let’s sit and have a cup of tea, and watch the setting sun.

Just think, this time last year it was nearly the end of the world.

And here we all are…

This year it’s been great to get my songs recorded and released for other people to enjoy: Simple Life!

Music-wise, the first half of 2013 was recording and mixing, the second half launching the album and playing live around Scotland…

I’ll finish the year with a Christmas Carol . . .


And here’s a few excerpts from websites mentioning Simple Life:

Folk Radio UK“Simple Life: Song of the Day, A name I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from.”

Inverness Gigs“You have an impressive way with an observational style to your song-writing (from roundabouts to the end of the world)…”

Ralph’s Life – “Michael Marra’s shoes will take some filling, but as the first anniversary of his untimely passing fast approaches it’s this Jack Russell’s view that Ed Muirhead’s got what it takes…”

Rusty HipEd’s music is a fascinating potion of earnest songwriting, great storytelling and evocative near bluesy vocals…”

Ravechild“You can tell that so much hard work has gone into every detail of the record, one that you struggle to find anything to criticise – a truly amazing talent.”

Oli Arditi“This is songwriting done right, skillfully realised, performed without equivocation; the results are moving.”

On the air…

Recently I was invited to join Andy G on “The Sound” radio show – he’s a champion of music, with a weekly radio program featuring all kinds of sounds.

Below you can listen to the show on replay, and enjoy the music and our banter… it’s in two parts – scroll down for the full shebang…

Part One: I arrive @ 52 minutes, the interview includes:

  • Piano lessons / teenage years
  • Glasgow student bands / some influences
  • Track: Counting Crows – Angels of the Silences
  • Trampled By A Horse / Songwriting
  • Track: Ed Muirhead – She’s Gone

Part Two includes:

Simple Life Round-up

Simple Life Album Sleeve

With just a few weeks until the Simple Life Album is launched, here’s a quick round-up of what’s happening lately… click links or read more below.

  • Pre-orders are available for the new album – recording, mixing and mastering is finished for the 8 new tracks (plus bonus track)
  • Handwritten liner notes are printed, including full lyrics of each song & personal thanks to folks who encouraged me on the way . . .
  • STV News interviewed me for their evening news, discussing the song “Ode to the Kingsway” and nostalgia for Britain’s first ring-road!
  • Nairn Festival selected my song “Stolen Moment” as runner-up in their songwriting competition – as well as a cash prize I was asked to perform it live during the festival
  • Tickets are selling well for the album launch show in Drouthy’s Dundee on Friday 4th October
  • Dates are booked across Scotland for the Simple Life Tour – including Perth, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow & Inverness
  • Initial reviews of the album include: “first track is a blinder, just beautiful…” – from music writer Oli Arditi