Happy 2017 – next show, next album

I hope you’re well in 2017, and somehow surviving the seemingly ongoing worldwide palavas . . . here’s my annual blog post 🙂

I’ve been busy studying music therapy, teaching piano & loving life!

And – planning the next album – currently the title is:

stars from a sidecar

Most songs are written, some are still in progress, aiming to release in 2018. Meantime you can hear a demo of one of the songs over here: soundcloud

Next Friday night I’ll sing that and a few others in a live show at the launch of an awesome exhibition for Fun-A-Day 2017.  You may have heard me mention this in previous years – making art each day of January then showing it in Feb – well this time they asked me to sing at the launch!

Friday 10th Feb from 7pm at Wasps Studio, West Henderson Wynd
I’ll sing from 8 till 9pm

There will be artwork from at least 50 Dundee people – all kinds of stuff they have made throughout January. I highly recommend coming along if you’re in or near Dundee next weekend – poster below & read more online.
Thanks for reading – and hopefully it’s not so long till the next one 🙂
Take care



Happy Fun Year!

Joining the FunADay Dundee again this year : watch this space 🙂

Fun A Day Dundee

It’s Hogmanay! It is the eve of the New Year. Tonight the clock will strike 12 and bring with it a fresh new time zone that none of us have experienced before. It will be 2015. We think 2015 should be a ‘Happy Fun Year’ and so we plan to start it off with a #FunADay challenge this January!

There’s still a little bit of time to decide how you can add some creative fun to add to your year, just remember to strike a toast at midnight and when the 1st of January comes you just need to get started with your #FunADay project.

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Recording at TPot Studio

Recording at TPot Studio

It was well worth walking 2 miles in snow to get to the remote TPot studio and play a piano in an old schoolhouse with Robin behind the desk – the mics were on and some sweet sounds were heard that day… met some lovely people and enjoyed every minute…

Gig News: Ed live @ Fifestock

Throughout March 2013, Fifestock presents a series of high-quality gigs, bringing together a range of musicians, including Maria Muldaur, StrawbsMartin Turner’s Wishbone Ash and Ian Hunter (Mott the Hoople).

As part of this on Wednesday 13th I’ll open the 1st DGV Sound Experience gig, which also features Stella Reilly of Sienna and New Zealand’s Fraser Ross.


See you there! 🙂


So… the world didn’t end after all…

You remember all that stuff about the world ending on 20-12-2012?  Well, it got me thinking… and writing… so here’s a first draft of my newest song:


The world may end tomorrow,
And if it really does,
We’ll all be gone before I’ve done
The bridge and second verse.

The world may end tomorrow,
If so, I won’t be here.
But then again, you too my friends
Will all have disappeared.

The world may end tomorrow
Forget all you have planned.
The seas may rise up to the skies
And cover all the land.

The world may end tomorrow
And we’d lose all we know:
Our love and laughter, in the hereafter
Above or down below.

So far the world’s not ended
But if you knew just when,
The things you’d change or rearrange
Would all be done by then.

So far the world’s still turning
Despite the shape it’s in,
So grasp the nettle, put on the kettle
And let the fun begin!