Cash and music . . . ?

__Inspired by Jack Conte of Pomplamoose and his revealing summary of their tour cash-flow, I’ve been thinking back to my last tour and planning a new one – and it’s about time this blog saw some action 😉

They played 24 packed shows in front of thousands of people across the USA, employed musicians & crew, sold $100,000 of tickets, and had loads of fun!  (They say they lost over $11,000 in the process, but it’s OK because they are making it back via YouTube plays, Patreon & iTunes sales.)

And “making it” was Jack’s point: they continue to work hard on music, movies and more.  It’s an ongoing thing, in this “a new paradigm for professional artistry…”

For fun, here’s my figures for my wee 6-date album launch tour for Simple Life (Oct 2013) and how they compare with Pomplamoose (in brackets) – I’m a low-key solo musician based in the east of Scotland, UK, so it’s quite a contrast!

Rentals: £0 ($26,450)
Food/accomodation: £60 ($17,589)
Travel: £96 ($11,816)
Merch/marketing: £443 – CDs, T-shirts, posters, ads ($21,945)
Insurance/Salaries/Commissions: £0/£0/£0 ($5,445/$48,094/$16,463)

Tickets, fees, cash in a jar: £317 – my income per venue rose the further north I went! ($97,519)
Merch: £380 – CDs, T-shirts ($29,714)
Sponsorship: £0 ($8,750)

Bottom line: £599 vs £697 : £98 profit ($147,802 vs $135,983 : $11,819 loss)

So, I didn’t employ a band, or have to stay away from home since my tour was so small (only visiting Scotland’s cities) – though I’m happy the tour covered itself, and a year on there’s only 4 CDs left, and we’re half-way through recording the new album Day Job!

Next time I hope to have a bit of a band for a gig or two, and play a few more places, who knows . . . watch this space 🙂

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Fun songs online!

Just in time for the FunADay Dundee Exhibition this Thursday-Sunday – I’ve put some of my new songs and song snippets online for your listening pleasure, see below.

(You can listen & download them for a limited time)

More about the exhibition…

Fun A Day Exhibition – 13th February at Wasps

Looking forward to this exhibition! #funaday #Dundee

Fun A Day Dundee

funa day, fun, dundee, art, scotland, collaboration

We set out with a simple aim – we wanted the people of Dundee to have more fun! So we called out to them and asked them to add a little more creative fun to their days in January and over 50 Fun Makers rose to the challenge. That is definitely a reason to celebrate, so we will be showing a collective Fun a Day exhibition that opens on the 13th February.  The exhibition will run for just a few short days until Sunday 16th February – so we highly recommend that you add this date to your diary and make sure your feet start walking in our direction at some point over that weekend.

The Fun A Day exhibition will include art work from local artists, designers, students, journalists, musicians, dancers, social workers and many more people from the city. It has been fascinating to get a glimpse of…

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Happy New Year! – and how about some fun?

Happy New Two Thousand and Fourteen!

For fun this month I’m joining the “Fun A Day Dundee” folks – and capturing something each day – to be shared online and at an exhibition.

People of all sorts will be doing all sorts of fun stuff, look out for them via:

Quote about it from the originators:

Fun-A-Day is a simple concept that produces beautiful results. Participants choose a project and produce one piece of artwork every day for the entire month of January. The 31 resulting pieces create a narrative outlining each artist’s journey through the first month of the year. Projects vary from lighthearted to serious, high-brow to low-brow.

My stuff will be objects, photos and lyrics – one, two or all of these each day – plus some background.

I’m not a frequent blogger, but I’ll try to post a couple of updates during the month, watch this space 😉

To kick it off here’s a piece of driftwood I found on the shore of the River Tay this morning, with the first verse of a new song I’m writing called “High Girders” – about the infamous bridge disaster.


Two Thousand and Thirteen . . .

The year is almost done, the future has begun,

Let’s sit and have a cup of tea, and watch the setting sun.

Just think, this time last year it was nearly the end of the world.

And here we all are…

This year it’s been great to get my songs recorded and released for other people to enjoy: Simple Life!

Music-wise, the first half of 2013 was recording and mixing, the second half launching the album and playing live around Scotland…

I’ll finish the year with a Christmas Carol . . .


And here’s a few excerpts from websites mentioning Simple Life:

Folk Radio UK“Simple Life: Song of the Day, A name I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from.”

Inverness Gigs“You have an impressive way with an observational style to your song-writing (from roundabouts to the end of the world)…”

Ralph’s Life – “Michael Marra’s shoes will take some filling, but as the first anniversary of his untimely passing fast approaches it’s this Jack Russell’s view that Ed Muirhead’s got what it takes…”

Rusty HipEd’s music is a fascinating potion of earnest songwriting, great storytelling and evocative near bluesy vocals…”

Ravechild“You can tell that so much hard work has gone into every detail of the record, one that you struggle to find anything to criticise – a truly amazing talent.”

Oli Arditi“This is songwriting done right, skillfully realised, performed without equivocation; the results are moving.”