Happy 2017 – next show, next album

I hope you’re well in 2017, and somehow surviving the seemingly ongoing worldwide palavas . . . here’s my annual blog post 🙂

I’ve been busy studying music therapy, teaching piano & loving life!

And – planning the next album – currently the title is:

stars from a sidecar

Most songs are written, some are still in progress, aiming to release in 2018. Meantime you can hear a demo of one of the songs over here: soundcloud

Next Friday night I’ll sing that and a few others in a live show at the launch of an awesome exhibition for Fun-A-Day 2017.  You may have heard me mention this in previous years – making art each day of January then showing it in Feb – well this time they asked me to sing at the launch!

Friday 10th Feb from 7pm at Wasps Studio, West Henderson Wynd
I’ll sing from 8 till 9pm

There will be artwork from at least 50 Dundee people – all kinds of stuff they have made throughout January. I highly recommend coming along if you’re in or near Dundee next weekend – poster below & read more online.
Thanks for reading – and hopefully it’s not so long till the next one 🙂
Take care



Late November, Live Music

So, the nights are drawing in…

Dundee, late November: it’s cold outside. Here’s a night of music to warm the coldest heart.
Thu 28 Nov 2013 – 8pm onwards – 15 Ward Road (Buskers/ex-20Rocks/ex-Doghouse)


Original songwriters that will move you.

In one way or another.

esperi – lush & layered

the strangers almanac – honest & hopeful

ed muirhead – passionate & pithy

marley davidson – smooth & soaring

Listen to the music:

And watch some marvellous movies: